Be guided by your own personal coach and
see results through
a customised nutrition and
training plan tailored to you


Tailored training program, Fat Loss strategy, accountability, mindset, all delivered DIRECTLY to you by
your individual expert Fat Loss Coach, who is available to you around the clock.

Train with Ash Premium is the ULTIMATE 1:1 coaching experience that’s designed to guide and
also EDUCATE you during your 12 week experience.

We remove the rules and restrictions that lead to most diets failing and show you step by step how to
make this the LAST program you’ll ever need.

This is for you if:

  1. You want to lose that unwanted fat and keep it off FOREVER
  2. You feel like your metabolism is broken or hormones are out of whack
  3. Jumping from one diet to the next wondering what’s wrong with your body
  4. You’re sick of restrictive diets that cut out the food (and drinks 🍹) you love
  5. You can lose weight but it’s always temporary (sometimes you end up heavier than when you started)
  6. Feel like you would get value from a high level of accountability each step of the way

What you get

A fully customised training program – just for you. Based on your goals, your
training history & what equipment you have access to

A personalised nutrition program tailored to your body’s needs for optimal results
which allows for food you love to eat

I’m here daily to chat and support you on your journey

Filled with hundreds of uplifting women and the support of our coaches, a positive
environment that brings together the very best of a totally personalised program, along with an encouraging and
intimate group culture

Weekly training + education guide with the opportunity for questions answered in a
Facebook LIVE!

In-app program access so you simply open the APP when you’re ready to train, and
follow the interactive step-by-step program

The Proof
is in the Pudding

The Proof is in the Pudding

Have you been thinking about
joining Train with Ash Premium for some time now, but have a few questions first?

Let us help you understand the
service and how it can work for you…

What does Train with Ash Premium look like?

Personalised coaching, also known as individualised coaching is a completely customised nutrition coaching AND
Training program designed to take you from where you are today – to where you want to be (i.e. your specific goals).
Our goal is to match both your nutrition and training plan to your lifestyle, rather than trying to fit your
lifestyle into a specific diet plan.

What do I get when I join Train with Ash Premium?

Not only do you get to work 1:1 with a qualified personal trainer and nutritionist, you’ll gain access to all the
education, resources, recipes, and more.
You’ll also become part of our supportive online Train with Ash community for you to ask any questions you might
have, to learn from the experiences of others, or simply to share health and fitness related information you think
other members might find useful.

How do you know what my body needs?

After you join there is a very comprehensive consultation form that provides us with the necessary information and
data points we require in order to calculate your needs.

Will my targets change or do they always stay the same?

We use your weekly progress which tells us how your body is responding both physically and mentally and we rely on
your bio feedback together with our strategy and internal algorithm to tweak your weekly targets each week. Some
weeks we may not need to make changes while others we may for optimal results.

Do I have to track calories / macros? Or can I take a meal plan approach?

All clients are issued a personal reverse diet and fat loss strategy that will require you to track your food on
this journey so we know that you’re progressing how we’d like you too. Your strategy includes personalised calories
and protein targets tailored to your goals.

Tracking calories can feel scary, however, it is highly recommended that you take part in this and we will hold your
hand throughout the process.

Meal plans can be greatt, but after all, we’re not going to be there to hold your hand your entire life (although we
could be!).

I am so fussy or I have an allergy/intolerance. Do you cater to this?

One of the many bonuses to tracking your food is that this is perfect if you’re a fussy eater or have an
intolerance, as you are in charge of what you eat and you if don’t enjoy eating something or have an allergy you
don’t have to eat it.

How much are groceries? Budget friendly?

Due to the number of variables that can alter this cost weekly we can’t confidently advise that however what you eat
may not differ all that much from what you currently eat now, everything can be purchased from your local grocer and
no specialty stores so it is on par with a regular grocery shop – nothing more or less.

I like to dine out and I also like a drink or two, does that work with Train with Ash?

Absolutely, we practice a flexible approach to nutrition so most of the time you enjoy nutritious food while some of
the time you can enjoy the foods you love. It is possible that you can enjoy delicious foods daily and we show you
how. The beauty of flexible dieting in this manner is you are able to incorporate treat foods in moderation within
your daily intake targets – its a science!

How do I communicate with my coach?

As a client, you get 24-7 access to your coach and many of our coaching clients talk to their coach multiple times
throughout the week.

All communications go through facebook messenger and you can chat daily with your coach if you need.

There is a weekly check-in, which is the more formal touch point a client would have with their coach every week.
This is the main point of communication as it allows us to formally assess and review the previous week, with you,
and make any adjustments to the plan that are necessary.

Why is there a 12 week minimum?

This does NOT mean you need to pay for 12 weeks up front or that you’re limited to 3 months of coaching. This simply
means that you’re committing to at least 3 months, which allows you to be fully invested in the coaching process and
us to be fully committed to YOU as an individual.

Why 12 weeks?

Because this is when you’ll start to feel real changes, and not just in your physical appearance, but in the way you
approach your nutrition and training. Behaviours and knowledge start to really embed themselves at around the 2-3
month mark, as this is when the pennies start to drop all of those “ah ha” moments happen!

If you’re expecting to drastically change things in 30 days, six 6 weeks.. you’ll likely fall short. We want to work
with people who are in this for permanent change, not a quick fix to then YoYo back to square one.

Do you service international clients?

Yes we do! We service worldwide and tailor to your region. There are Train with Ash Fam members all around the

Terms and Conditions in short

Our T&Cs are pretty transparent but, in short, we have an initial 12 week minimum commitment period.
Please note that this is a NON-REFUNDABLE coaching service.
For the avoidance of any doubt, you are agreeing to a 12-week initial minimum term with a total cost of $1320
without any refunds or cancellations.