What’s in ‘The Step-By-Step Guide: to Sustainable Fat Loss”

This is your ONE STOP SHOP for fat loss

All the secrets, all the myths, all my top tips are right here in this one guide.

But not only that – I’m also going to set out what causes fat gain, the 2 types of ways to lose it, common misconceptions, sustainable fat loss without having to eat like a bird AND all the things I WISH I KNEW at the start of my journey that have taken me YEARS to work out.

All of these things allow me to train 3 times per week, eat 2500 calories a day for most of the year AND have ABS in summer.

But it hasn’t always been like that. I too was victim to the 1200 calories a day diet while training 12 times per week just to maintain. The second I even looked at a donut it’s like it would stick to me.

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