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4.6kg down and my shape still shocks me. I haven’t been lower than 2400 calories. Started at 2700 reverse to 2900. And maintained over Christmas.

- Nikki Renee

Ash has honestly changed the freaken game for me!! I was doing back-to-back challenges & eating around 1250-1350 cals & had somehow done that for years. Towards the end, I was basically seeing no result. Enter Ash, I thought Ash was crazy - telling me I could eat more, train less & still lose weight. I thought I was the exception to the rule! I’m not & I promise you aren’t either!! So excited for everyone to learn throughout this challenge from Ash!

- Leigh Zimmerman

This whole learning curve has been amazing, I will never look at dieting and exercise the same again. I start my cut next week. What a way to end my first 12 weeks of the rest of my life cannot thank you enough Ash.
1800 Cals > 2300 Cals
83kg > 78.2kg

- Emma Altmann

You have literally taught me so so much!! I will be eternally grateful. You have changed my world!! I’ve had so many ppl comment on my appearance in this last week and I can truly see it myself.
Is it weird to say I’m starting to love what I see in the mirror?!! And I’m still only halfway there!! Honestly, nothing is going to stop me getting there. I’ve never been so focused or dedicated to fat loss journey before. I really do feel like you have given me the miracle pill to weight loss.

- Jasmin Baker

When I started with Ash my maintenance calories were 1200 which I’m sure you can imagine was awful eating so little. In the first picture I was on 1200 calories and in the second photo I am on 2200 calories. I am down approx 2kgs from when I started but as you can see from the graphs my body composition has dramatically changed, all while eating more foods! My relationship with food has been healed and I will never be a yo-yo dieter again. Ash has truly changed my life and while I have a lot of weight to lose I know I can do this whilst still living and eating all the foods. Ash is the real deal and I am so grateful I have the opportunity to be on this journey with her.

- Kay Dekker

I was a typical yo yo dieter and had worked out in the gym previously doing cardio but due to no results, I had completely stopped training altogether. I would lose 5kg then put it back on and was stuck in the cycle for a good 5 years. I was a binge eater and had the WORST relationship with food. Now, I enjoy my treats without guilt and without binging. It’s heaven! There wasn’t really any way to prepare myself for the mental and physical changes that I have made over the last 12 weeks. I am so much more confident in my own skin and my ability to overcome challenges. I have all the tools I need to reach my goals. I have a long way to go still but this sustainable way of eating and training, I know will see me get there! It has been a life-changing experience and I am sure it will be for you too xx

- Sarah Maxwell

I just wanted to show you 6 months post Ash Lane, couldn’t imagine my life before

- Melissa Imber

Reverse diet results. I ended up losing 3.7kgs in total over the 12 weeks with Ash and 7cm off my waist. Not only and I thrilled with my progress, I am in love with how much I have enjoyed the process and not just been hating life or waiting for the “diet” to be over. I am enjoying eating food that I actually like and to actually be getting rest days and not feeling guilty.

- Meg C

I do nearly always get my workouts done, I meet my calorie goals religiously and I’m stronger than ever. It’s definitely a lifestyle for me now and not a “diet”.

- Kelly Kohler

Close to 5kg gone… and sustained over Christmas… almost 10cm one from my waist - along with more cams from chest and hips…

- Michelle Pelley

Zoe went from eating 1200 calories per day to 2000 calories and along the way she lost 26cm.

- Zoe N

I’m so grateful that I found you, and managed to honestly pick the best time (I’d say the perfect time) to do my first FLFM. Thanks for all the support and gentle nudges when I needed them! I can’t wait to meet you in the flesh one day and give you such a big hug!!

- Lucy J

One of the most exciting parts is I’m not worried i’ll have to buy bigger sized clothes again after I get rid of them Ash, I am not worried about putting on the weight ever again.

- Emma A

Well, I did it!! It took me just over 12 months, 2 reverse diets and 2 fat loss phases, but I no longer have a "weight loss" goal!!!  According to my body scans (just another piece of data), I'm down 12kgs and I'm under 20% body fat.  During the last 12 months I've seen some weight spikes, I've seen my weight stay the same on occasion during fat loss phases when I expected it to drop immediately, but I've also seen amazing results!  It took time, and more importantly, it took patience, but I'm 36 this year and have never felt this lean, strong or confident in my whole life!! I have done the 8 week challenges, flogged myself at the gym and prepared different meals for myself compared to the rest of my family, but I haven't done any of that in the last 12 months thanks to Ash, and I would 100% rather do it this way, than how I have in the past.

- Erin Bruce

What’s The Challenge All About?

Three times a year, I take on a limited number of women (it fills up fast!) to participate in my habit-forming 12-Week Programs, but first, I open up my entire program for free to those who are interested to understand WHY they are not getting the results they want and WHY it often isn’t their fault!

When you register for the free 5-Day Challenge, you’ll receive:

  • Literally, all of the training nutrition and training fundamentals I offer in my paid Fat-Loss Forever Program
  • Customized TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure) spreadsheet to kick off your week at a solid baseline
  • Focused, daily live virtual meetups with me, Ash Lane
  • Full access to my know-how via unlimited daily Q&A after meetups
  • Chance to win a custom pair of Nikes or a Garmin Sports Watch!

The truth is, I’m recruiting for my 12-week programs. I’m not exaggerating when I say that I give away my entire program for free because I’m so confident that you’ll love what you learn and the vision for the future that you’ll begin to see.


This Challenge Will Teach You All The Fat Loss Secrets
That Took Me Years To Work Out

Now here’s my question for you…Does this sound familiar?

  • You’ve had it with diets, cleanses, or fat-loss trends that drain the light out of life.
  • You consume fewer than 2,000 calories per day, or you’re undernourished but still no results!
  • You feel like your metabolism quit on you years ago, and she’s never bouncing back.
  • “Plateau” is your new middle name, and despite your best efforts at the gym and in the kitchen, those jeans still won’t button comfortably.
  • Your self-esteem has suffered, and you feel like you’re holding back on life.
  • Every meal and snack feels like a mysterious battle against your body – you stress over every option.
  • You avoid looking in mirrors, and when you do, you honestly don’t recognize the person looking back at you.

Let’s Keep The Challenge AND The Fat-Loss Simple

Your Five-Day Challenge Will Offer:


Teach you how to eat and train without cutting your food in half or spending crazy amounts of time in the gym.

Real Advice

Cut through the bullshit of the hundreds of “miracle” solutions out there. I give it to you straight and honest. This is a real solution to sustainable fat-loss.

Grow Muscle, Lose Fat

Grow muscle and lose fat through education! You don’t know what you don’t know…yet.


Feel empowered to make the best nutrition and training decisions for YOU. Your body, your choices, your lifestyle.

You’ll Be Entered To Win!

  • One FREE 12-Week Coaching program ($1,320 value)
  • Your choice of Customized Nikes or my fav Garmin Sports Watch

5 Days

In Just Five Days You’ll…

  • Have a fat loss strategy and understand exactly what it’ll take to achieve your ultimate goal.
  • Learn how to crush your goal faster than you thought possible.
  • Eat more and weigh less through wiser nutrition and training choices – all of which are provided.
  • Discover the secret to you controlling your metabolism.

Don’t Trust Me, Ask My Ladies!

The results are undeniable

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Get ready to eat more, lose more, and enjoy more in just five days.